Allowing Abundance

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about a specific question. This question has helped to narrow my mind’s focus and I’m curious about what arises from it. I’ve done this often in my life where I focus on one specific saying, a quote, a question, an idea and let it permeate my subconscious until I come to a deeper understanding.

How amazing can I allow my life to be?

In other words, how much goodness can I allow in my life? How much abundance can allow flow in my life? How many incredible experiences can I allow in my life? How much laughter can I allow in my life? How much deep love and connection can I allow in my life? How successful can I allow myself to be in this life? How good can I allow my life to become?

All of these questions bring me to the conclusion that I’ve had a limiting ceiling attached to this idea. I truly have an abundant life, full of vibrant health, a loving parter, a happy family, we own our own house in a close knit community that has a vantage point all the way to Sydney, I have close friends who I see regularly, and I’m involved with my son’s school in a way that feels really good teaching weekly ethics classes, and I get to spend time pursuing creative endeavours, and we get to take family holidays.

I could look at myself from the outside and think it’s silly to ask such questions, of how I could allow my already great life to become even better, but that’s growth, it’s my growth to experience. I’ve come a long way from growing up in rural California on public assistance, and I’ve come a long way from relationships that look great on the outside but are rotting on the inside. I am well and truly grateful for all of the good things in my life, and I count my blessings daily, literally, every single night before I go to bed I recount the highlights of my day alone in writing, and then with my husband just before we drift off to sleep.

Along with feeling and being abundant, I also revel in the small joys that arise in my regular day. It can be something as simple as stopping to smell flowers, or wishing on a dandelion. I will take a moment to imagine shapes in the clouds, or give an extra hug and kiss to one of my children. I take time in the morning as I’m waking up to put a smile on my face by thinking to myself “Good morning, I love you Jennifer”. There are countless things I do throughout the day to cultivate gratitude and experience joy. Some days take a little more work, I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge this because it’s true. Life can be very busy with two small children, and sometimes I have to consciously take time to dance around the kitchen, and practice smiling really big to help shift my mood after I’ve taken time to feel the feelings that have arisen.

I’d like to think that I’m one of those people who naturally has a sunny disposition where my resting happy level is already pretty high, and that becomes a circular process. I feel happy and grateful for life, and I share that with others openly in the form of a genuine smile and hello on the sidewalk, or helping someone with the door at the shops, or a offering a kind compliment. This is the way I operate in life, and in turn, my happiness transfers to them, and they feel a bit better too. I like to add value in all interactions in my life and sometimes it’s the small gestures that really make a difference. I do this because it feels good, not because I’m expecting anything back. I do it because these relatively brief moments of contact are beautiful little connections of spirit and love, and I want to be a part of that. It lights up my soul to be generous and loving, and that’s what I have mostly experienced in life in return.

So asking myself now, how amazing am I willing to allow my life to be? is and will continue to herald in more amazing, incredible, and unexpected gifts in all forms into my life.

One big aspect of my allowing of more goodness and abundance into my life is to allow myself to have success in a career with writing and helping people live happy feel good days and to feel the spirit of love at work in their lives. I am willing to allow the amazing changes that are coming from this transformation that I will undertake so that I can inspire others to create more love and abundance in their lives.