Loving Kindness

Teach Metta. Teach loving kindness. Teach it how I have experienced it. Teach it how I live it. Share the joy with others. Share the love I feel in everything with everyone.

I’ve had two experiences recently in organised religion. Both I found value out of because I am that kind of person, I feel everything deeper and I have learned over the years to take what resonates and leave what doesn’t. There’s always something to learn if I’m willing to be open, curious and to listen. I have dabbled in organised religion here and there and often went to church as a child.

I know I’ve always been connected to spirit and I’ve also found that I don’t need to go into an organised group to experience God. I have experienced the divine in countless ways and only sometimes has it occurred when I’ve been at church or in meditation.

My version of God is not attributed to a Him, although it could be. My version of God is not attributed to many Gods, although it could be. My version of God can be called so many things like the Universe, the Powers That Be, Goddess, Holy Spirit, Divine Being, Mother Nature, Energy, to name a few. In my experience spirituality is something deeply personal yet profoundly shared. It’s the unique way that a person transcends this physical plane and connects in a deep and gratifying way. For me when I am open to divinity it’s like being a full channel, completely present in the moment, and I dissolve into whatever is happening. Sometimes I completely dissolve in it where everything else just fades away and there is only that pure moment, however long it may be.

Above and through all things I see that it’s love, the energy of loving kindness that permeates through every thing and all things, all thoughts, all emotions, all of life. Holding that space of love without attaching to any dogmatic way of believing is what I continue to revert to in my life. It is what feels the best, it is what shows me the way, it is the light that I welcome whole heartedly.

In one of these organised religious events I went to, someone spoke over me and said that I was divinely anointed and doors that were once closed are all open for me now and that I will be the person to break down walls for others. It all kind of happened, and it rang so true. From that moment I realised that for all of the stuff I feel inside of me that I want to blatantly say to others about how I see their lives, that I ought to still do that, and honour what comes up for me, through me and just get out of the way. Also I know that when the person is open, the words can land and make a difference. I know I am that for others, and the experience, more than what was said to me, about me, is what I took away from it, that we all want to have the support and security of divine guidance and if it comes through a person, so be it.

So I keep hearing even before going to this first event that I should start up my own women’s version of spirituality in my community. It keeps getting stronger and today in the second organised religion event, I heard it even louder inside of me. Metta, loving kindness, share it, lift others with love, hold that space for myself and others to be our best selves. I love women, and I know we are great together, especially when we work together, and I know I can hold that space, and help unify and uplift women. I also continue to get the message that women need additional income streams, so a part of me also feels that somewhere along the line I need to teach or help women connect with their entrepreneurial selves as well so they have financial independence. Spiritual connection and financial independence thats what I’m being called to bring.

So now, this is my first step. It’s now in black and white. It’s out there. Now I’ll pause, connect with my highest self, and take the inspiration of what to do next as it comes up, trusting all the way that I am divinely supported and guided on this path. And so it is.