An Abundance Mindset

Abundance is in the eye of the beholder. This eye has been trained by my mindset based on how I perceive the world around me. This has many layers based on upbringing, culture, social conditioning, to name truly just a few.

An abundance mindset is really all about noticing what is going right and appreciating it. An abundance mindset is where no matter what is going on, you can still see the good things happening at play. I know first hand how difficult this can be when in the depths of a major transformation which may come in the form of moving house, of falling ill, or a relationship breaking up, a death of a loved one. Even in those times, after feeling all the feelings that are arising due to that life experience, taking time to notice the good stuff is what has helped me every single time to come out of it better than before.

An abundance mindset is counting all the blessings you have in your life. It is looking for, and noticing all the relatively minor things that are coming in.

I can feel an abundance of good feelings which I notice as my eyes start to smile as I’m typing. I can hear an abundance of water quenching the earth here in Australia and it makes my heart feel so happy. I have an abundance of new watercolour paper next to me ready for creating. I have a handmade card that I’ve made with so much abundant love for my partner for our anniversary coming up this weekend. I am sitting in my house with my abundant furnishings, I have plenty of places to sit and it’s beautiful. I look out the window and see an abundance of timber slats on our newly built fence and it’s almost glowing in it’s vibrancy.

Stopping to notice all the abundance in my life then sets my vibration of abundance, so even more can come into my life. Taking the time to appreciate all that I already have then allows more goodness. It’s the idea of like attracting like and I am a magnet of abundance because I notice it, and I appreciate what is in my life, even down to the smaller details as they are just as important as the big one. The great thing about this mindset is that once I know I am abundant, which I am, then anything beyond what I already have is just icing on the cake.

How much abundance can you notice in your life right now?