Why Focus on Happiness

Why focus on happiness… so I learned by experience the power of training the mind. Anyone who has ever had the privilege of the self growth that comes with sitting a silent meditation course knows this. On day one our minds are all over the place, then a vow of silence is taken and the singular focus on the breath begins. By day 5 you feel like you’ve hit your limit and there must be a way out of there. 😂 something magical happens after that though and by Day 10 when the silence is broken, you emerge with a new way of being. It’s a bit overwhelming at first, all the sensations after basically voluntarily going through a form of sensory deprivation. Then you find your groove. You’re happier, more peaceful, and it’s easier to focus. 

The idea is that we train the brain by focusing it and the more frequent the thought, the stronger the pathway becomes AND the other pathways/thoughts become weaker. 

By intentionally focusing on what makes me happy each and every day, I am building that pathway to be bigger and stronger. By intentionally focusing on happiness for a lengthy period of time, I am forming the habit, my default mode, and that happiness thought pathway becomes one of my biggest and strongest. Creating this habit, forming my thoughts like this then makes feeling happy, recognising happiness even easier. Naturally I’m a sharing and generous person (also must be a habit I’ve had for a very long time) and to me it feels good and brings even more happiness to me to share happiness. 🙂

This may sound light but it’s all very intentional and takes practice and persistence So that it becomes second nature. I guess that’s true for any behaviour, thought pattern, way of being we experience.

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