Happiness in Practical Things

Happiness in the way of silly yet practical every day items: 

I love when form and function come together and for me these silly plates are that! They make me happy because they are so utterly Australian. I reach for them first out of the dishwasher because they’re s fun. I love them because they’re also melamine and hard wearing which is an awesome feature with little people. 🙂

We have a few other things like heart shaped ramekins that we use for snacks or deserts, some very lovely lemon 🍋 heritage style serving platters too which also evoke joy. Oh and all of our mugs are photo mugs of us doing things 🙂 which make me happy on the daily ❤️

This is part of my 10 day adventure of recognising, capturing, and sharing what makes me happy. Everyone is invited to come along on my journey and of course venture on your own. Even one day focusing on happiness can make a huge difference. 

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