Happiness in Watching Others Grow

Happiness is watching others develop and grow. 

Witnessing others on their life path, living their best life, always fills me with an intense happiness. I love when people find their stride and go for it. I love seeing the people I love growing and becoming more of who they are. This applies to friends, families, even strangers if I engage with their story. 

Baby Aristotle has mastered rolling over from back to front. He’s been able to roll from front to back since just after birth, and now at 4.5 months he can do both!! How awesome it is to see this little person whom I love so dearly learn how to use his body. He’s also using his voice a lot lately and hearing what sounds he can make. Watching your children develop truly one of the incredible gifts of parenthood. 

Abraham is now into a building and survival game called Minecraft which is helping him to develop strategy and creativity in another way. He is in love with all of the possibilities that are present in this game and it’s awesome to see him so excited about it. Seeing Abe happy makes me very happy. 

This post is a part of my 10 day happiness adventure where I recognise, capture, and share happiness. Everyone is invited along, and even just one additional moment thinking about happiness can make a huge difference.

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