How to Deal with Physical Pain

How to Deal with Physical Pain 

I write this post with the utmost respect for the journey you are on. These are some things that I do and have done when dealing with physical pain and I hope they may help you too.

Self Love and Self Nurture Yourself: Have compassion for what you are going through, and do all the things that make you feel better. 

Get Dressed: Just getting in the shower and getting ready for the day can transform the way you feel. 

Creating the Vision of who I will be in the future: Don’t compare with who you used to be or how you have been in the past. Create a vision of who you will be in the future based on where you are now.  

Do daily things to support the person you want to be, even if in small steps, small moments, create the motion. 

Celebrate what you can do: Focus on what you are able to do so that you train your mind into seeing what is possible not what may be seen as a limitation.  

Celebrate the Small Wins: Celebrate every time you are able to do something, anything. It will make room for feeling more empowered with your life and help create momentum. 

Mental Mindfulness: Only let in media, words, images that help support you and help you to feel better.

Thank the Pain for all the lessons: Look for the growth, look for the lessons, create a more empowered approach to the pain. 

Decide to move on, don’t let it define you.