Sea Shells and Relationships

A little story about getting what you need:

We are walking along this morning, it’s a gorgeous almost spring day and we are about half way to school. My oldest son comes to a halt and I notice his eyes widening and his mouth starting to make a downward turn. We are standing next to the flowering camellia bush that we normally stop and admire it’s flowers which are sparse now but I push the pram up close to the leaves for the baby to check out as I try to think on my feet what must be going wrong for my older son.

I bend down to him and ask “what’s wrong?”

With tears welling up in his 5 year old eyes “I forgot my sea shells” he sobs a little and continues “they’re for my news today” and a tear rolls down his cheek.

I check my watch and there is no way that we’ll make it back home to pick them up and then back to school without him being late. I try to reassure him that maybe we can get daddy to help who happens to still be at home. I quickly pull my phone out and it rings but cuts out due to poor reception! Poor Reception is inconvenient but now, I really need a clear line! I see my son looking so incredibly sad that he won’t be able to share his sea shells for news day, the same sea shells that we collected this weekend on a spontaneous trip of just him and I. I try my husband again and as quickly as he answers I ask if he can race up the sea shells and we’ll meet him on the path.

Next thing we know here comes my husband driving up the hill and parks quickly. The baby starts calling out “daddy, daddy!” and my older son’s face breaks out in a mixture of relief and hope that his dad will save the day! My husband runs over to us and opens his hand letting the sea shells fall into our son’s hand from his own and the look they exchanged was one of pure connection and understanding. He ran back as we now picked up our pace to make it to school on time. Every other step I we could hear the clattering of shells in his school pants pocket. We kissed and hugged at the school gate and wished for a great day.

I love this moment in my life for so many reasons. One that my older son is so open with his emotions and it shows me that it’s okay to fully be in them. Two that my baby’s joyful recognition of “daddy, daddy” was the cutest sound and I love that he loves his daddy so much. Three that my husband is so quick and open to helping save the day for our older son so that he could share his news from the weekend when it was his time to get in front of the class.

It’s in ordinary moments of life where the magic happens, and sometimes that magic is really about showing up and just being there.

I love that I get to live this life and I count my blessings daily. I love that my darling son wanted to bring the special sea shells from his day out with mom to share with his class. I love that this is the life that my husband and I have intentionally created for ourselves. I love that my husband and I are on the same page when it comes to family matters and that we really show up as a unified front in our lives together.

If you want to create your life on purpose and having thriving relationships, get in contact, maybe I can help.