Happiness in Focus

Let’s Share Happiness! 

This started as a sharing activity on social media. Where I wrote:

how about 10 days of focusing on visual things/representations of what makes me (or you when you do it) happy. Also inviting friends to share in it as happiness is best shared 🙂 Oh and colour! Or b&w if you choose, or music if you choose, do what feel right just focus on happiness for 10 days and share that happiness. 🙂 You can explain why it makes you happy which can expand the happiness I’ve found even if it’s also adds vulnerability. 🙂

So here’s my first day. I painted this for the hallway in our house and every time it makes me smile. I love using loads of paint and I love how the colours mix together, I love the wavy texture, and I love the brightness it adds. It makes me happy that if anyone comes in the front door it’s the second thing that greets them (us being first 🙂). Also it makes me smile thinking that this was likely the painting that the lizard walked over and drug red paint through our house one time when we were up at the farm.

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