Happiness and The Good Milk

Happy moment in focus = The good milk. 🙂

This milk makes me happy every.single.time I see it in the fridge and pour it in my cup. 

Here are some reasons why i feel happy about this milk: 

The good milk, which is 100% Farmer Owned and produced in the Northern Rivers is available now at the local Coles in SW Sydney. I know it is quality and I can taste it every time. Abraham loves getting a cream chunk on his cereal, it’s like a treat which definitely adds to my happiness. My tea becomes dessert like and that makes me happy. I know there are lots of food miles for this amazing milk to make it to our house but truly we fully enjoy it. 🙂

10 Days of recognising what brings happiness, capturing it, sharing it, and inviting others on a parallel happiness journey too ❤️ If you feel moved, do it, and share the joy!

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