Unexpected Surprises in Ordinary Things

Happiness in the form of unexpected surprises from otherwise ordinary things. 

So we have these windows that cast rainbows with the sunlight in the morning and in the late afternoon. The rainbows are huge and often decorating the walls while inching down (or up) depending on the sun. 

The thing that makes me happy about these rainbow casting windows is not just that they cast rainbows because that’s so freaking cool, but moreso that it shows me that even ordinary things can be absolutely extraordinary. It shows me that even if I haven’t seen something before in my life that magic will continue to unfold and present beauty in my life. Abe loves these rainbows too and any parent knows that the joy your own kiddo radiates also makes you happy. 

I actually tracked down and wrote to the previous owner who was a glass tradesman and complimented him on his work. ❤️ What an awesome gift to give someone – rainbow casting windows 

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