Journaling Happiness

Another loving practice I’ve been doing every single night for almost the past two months is taking time to write about all the good in my life. 

It’s a mixture of a gratitude journal and a diary and it expands the feelings of joy and happiness from my day. I wrote one page, and if I’m really feeling the extra goodness still, I write another. 🙂

I think in one way or another I’ve kind of kept a journal loosely like this on and off since I was 18. It wasn’t until later that I was using it intentionally as a form of written goodness to reflect upon. 

There is so much to be appreciative about in life including being healthy! Or like right now hearing the symphony of insects starting up for the evening, or how awesome it is that the weather is just right for sitting outside. There are so many things if we look for them and I’m always open to the good life. ❤️

It’s all love <3

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