Happiness is Practical Beauty and Learning

Happiness in the form of practical beauty + learning: 

In an effort to find low maintenance hair styles I wanted to refresh my french braid for the current era. I have seen the Dutch/Inverted braid but really couldn’t wrap my head around it enough to do it on my own so I went to the internet for help. Really I’m so grateful for technology and the ability to type in something and learn straight away and I LOVE LEARNING! 

Anyway I found a wikihow page to be the most useful and did it step by step following along. The next time I tried it on my own but reverted back to the way I’ve braided for decades. So again I went back and did it step by step with the guide. Yesterday was the first day I was able to do it on my own and today it was a breeze. 🙂

This makes me happy for so many reasons. I love that I’ve learned something new. I love that I find this new skill to be very useful and very practical with a new bub. It makes me happy because I feel like it adds a bit of flair and if you know me well I do like flair 🙂 it also makes me happy because we’ve been watching Tomb Raider recently and David loves it and I like that I have a similar long hair style 😉

Sharing happiness intentionally for 10 days. ❤️ Everyone is invited to join along – it feels good 🙂 

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