For My Empathic Entrepreneur Friends

Create for the Highest Good

We are in this very unique time in history, where we get to create the new version of the world together, with intention, with purpose, for the highest good. This is the cocoon stage where we are all hunkered down, sheltering in place, self isolating, and quarantining ourselves for the betterment of society. Maybe you feel like you had better use this time so you don’t regret it when life speed back up and you’re juggling all the things externally again as well.

Navigate Transformation

There are some key ways to navigate massive transformational experiences. In my own life, I have experienced so many divine interventions and have purposely set out to transform who I am from the inside out on numerous occasions. Each chapter of my life has had very distinct beginnings, middles, and endings, and I can’t help but notice this pattern on the global scale right now. A huge part of making the most out of the cocoon stage is to be super intentional about what changes you want to make.

Align and Mind Your Vibe

It takes being intentional about the habits you want to create, knowing how to rid yourself and your life of what isn’t serving you anymore, letting go of any toxic relationships in your life, and opening up to the positive changes you want. It’s all available and the clearer you get on how you want to show up, what emotions you want to experience most, what vibration you want to be at so you can attract what the clients and life you most want, this is the time to create that vision.

The Paradox of Setting an Intention

The wild and amazing part of calling in what you want in life, is that you spend this time getting super clear on what you want, and creating a vision that you can flesh out, and then detaching yourself from the outcome. For everything I’ve ever manifested in my life, the biggest key has been for me to let go of whatever it was that I wanted to manifest in order for it to actually happen.

Inspired Action

When you are switched on and in tune, thoughts, ideas, whispers in the ether, animal spirits, communication from the universe in the form of a bird or a signal, come fast and quick. The key is to then take action on that inspiration, to honor your intuition, to honor the universe’s guidance. The key is to be in that space of receiving the higher energy, the higher guidance, the higher vibration so you can be a conduit for the message.

Channel for Higher Good

This guide came to me, it flowed out of me rather. Being in that space when what needs to channel does, feels amazing, and I know that other women can use this to help them too. It has 4 main parts that I am using myself to align and show up how I know I am needed. It’s my gift to you:

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Either way, thank you for coming by, thank you for being curious and open, and I wish you all the best.

All Love, and Stay Healthy,

Jennifer Marilyn