A Quick Guided Meditation: Loving Kindness

This is one of my absolute favourite ways to meditate and I am so excited to share it with you. It was first taught to me 11 years ago at the end of my first of many 10 day silent meditation retreat after meditating up to 16 hours a day without any reading writing speaking or even making eye contact with others. After such an intense journey of intentional isolation and deprivation an immense amount of clarity arises within oneself. Then to have everything washed over and rewritten with love and kindness has forever impacted my life and how I operate in the world.

Metta Meditation translates to Loving Kindness Meditation

This kind of meditation is also called a Metta Meditation. Metta is the original Sanskrit word which translates to Loving Kindness. This loving meditation is all about wishing and holding space for all beings to be happy, healthy, and liberated. Join me for this quick guided meditation and allow yourself to feel the love joy and vibrancy of help yourself and others. The more you do it, the better you feel. All Love, Jennifer Marilyn

The more time you take to meditate, the better you will feel.

All Love and Stay Healthy,

Jennifer Marilyn