Happiness in Audiobooks

Happiness in the form of audiobooks. 🙂 

Even a quick trip to the grocery store becomes fun with an audiobook (like just now) 🙂. Listening to stories this way reminds me of what it must have been like to sit around an old radio and hear the audio theatre as a family back in the day. I love the enchantment of the story told in its entirety with my imagination to fill in the details. I love that I can easily pick up where I left off. 

The book I’m listening to right now makes me happy specifically because it’s set in Sydney and I’ve been in the city enough to have felt the breeze carry water droplets at the Archibald Fountain (Archibald was on our shortlist of names for bub) and it’s exciting to hear a story with familiar places. 

This is part of a 10 day happiness adventure of recognising happiness, capturing it in some way, sharing it and inviting others. The intention is to create more happiness by focusing on it and of course happiness is best shared. ❤️

You’re welcome to jump right in – even one day of focusing on happiness is great. 🙂 

Unexpected Surprises in Ordinary Things

Happiness in the form of unexpected surprises from otherwise ordinary things. 

So we have these windows that cast rainbows with the sunlight in the morning and in the late afternoon. The rainbows are huge and often decorating the walls while inching down (or up) depending on the sun. 

The thing that makes me happy about these rainbow casting windows is not just that they cast rainbows because that’s so freaking cool, but moreso that it shows me that even ordinary things can be absolutely extraordinary. It shows me that even if I haven’t seen something before in my life that magic will continue to unfold and present beauty in my life. Abe loves these rainbows too and any parent knows that the joy your own kiddo radiates also makes you happy. 

I actually tracked down and wrote to the previous owner who was a glass tradesman and complimented him on his work. ❤️ What an awesome gift to give someone – rainbow casting windows 

Make Art

Make Art. Whatever kind makes you feel good, who cares what anyone else thinks about it, enjoy the process. This can be painting, or telling stories, or writing, or singing, or cooking, or playing the guitar, or making short films, or whatever way feels good to express yourself – just do it and don’t keep things bottled in 🙂 allow the flow 

Happiness Amplifies

Happiness: A great thing about focusing on something is that it amplifies. This is true for all feelings and gosh I just love how good it feels to have happy moments in my life. One of my own personal commandments is to Feel Good and focusing on happiness is aligned 🙂 also it’s not that I’ve not had adversity and challenges in my life, it’s just that it feels better to focus on the good stuff instead.

Happiness and The Good Milk

Happy moment in focus = The good milk. 🙂

This milk makes me happy every.single.time I see it in the fridge and pour it in my cup. 

Here are some reasons why i feel happy about this milk: 

The good milk, which is 100% Farmer Owned and produced in the Northern Rivers is available now at the local Coles in SW Sydney. I know it is quality and I can taste it every time. Abraham loves getting a cream chunk on his cereal, it’s like a treat which definitely adds to my happiness. My tea becomes dessert like and that makes me happy. I know there are lots of food miles for this amazing milk to make it to our house but truly we fully enjoy it. 🙂

10 Days of recognising what brings happiness, capturing it, sharing it, and inviting others on a parallel happiness journey too ❤️ If you feel moved, do it, and share the joy!

Happiness in Focus

Let’s Share Happiness! 

This started as a sharing activity on social media. Where I wrote:

how about 10 days of focusing on visual things/representations of what makes me (or you when you do it) happy. Also inviting friends to share in it as happiness is best shared 🙂 Oh and colour! Or b&w if you choose, or music if you choose, do what feel right just focus on happiness for 10 days and share that happiness. 🙂 You can explain why it makes you happy which can expand the happiness I’ve found even if it’s also adds vulnerability. 🙂

So here’s my first day. I painted this for the hallway in our house and every time it makes me smile. I love using loads of paint and I love how the colours mix together, I love the wavy texture, and I love the brightness it adds. It makes me happy that if anyone comes in the front door it’s the second thing that greets them (us being first 🙂). Also it makes me smile thinking that this was likely the painting that the lizard walked over and drug red paint through our house one time when we were up at the farm.

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